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Marky G’s Global Journey: Capturing Love, Life, and Wanderlust Through the Lens

Meet Marky G, a passionate photographer with a dream to travel the world and create lasting memories through destination lifestyle and wedding photography. Join him on his extraordinary journey as he embarks on adventures across the globe to capture the essence of love, life, and wanderlust.

This page is your passport to Marky G’s photography odyssey. Here, you’ll find the latest dates, times, and destinations where he’ll be showcasing his talent. Discover the opportunity to have your special moments immortalized in the most stunning and diverse locations around the world.

Whether it’s the sun-kissed shores of Vero Beach, the tropical allure of Nassau in the Bahamas, or the iconic landmarks of Washington DC, Marky G’s lens will turn your moments into timeless treasures. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming destinations and secure your spot to make your memories unforgettable.

Are you ready to join Marky G on this globetrotting photographic adventure? Explore the world through his lens and let your story be a part of his remarkable journey.

2024 Travel Schedule

Here are some destinations already booked for this year!

Jacksonville, FL


Nassau, Bahamas

July 8th-17th

Orlando, FL

July 20th-27th

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