How It Began?

It all started back in April 2015 when a young man by the name of Mark Gibson Jr (Marky) embarked upon the path to becoming a young entrepreneur. His father had an old camera stored away in his closet called the Nikon d70. Although his father loved the camera very much he gave it to Marky, who then started searching on YouTube & the internet learning how to operate this beautiful camera that his father gave him. Later on, after the work improved & more clients started booking Marky bought his own camera & returned the old one to his father. 

Early 2016, Marky G Films & Photography was rebranded & upgraded. Instead of just doing photography, the company expanded into a wider array of positions to become a one stop shop. The company started providing full HD videos, better quality photos & also started collaborating with other upcoming young entrepreneurs, such as make-up artists, photographers & videographers.

As the years go by, Marky works to make the company bigger & better, constantly upgrading equipment & utilizing cutting-edge technology.




About Our Logo

“Telling your story through the lens.”

Our new 2017 logo is a video film reel encircling a camera lens icon, that represents film & photography. The wings displayed in the logo represents our high quality images  and videos that are produced. The color aquamarine represents the home country of Marky G Films & Photography, clear blue waters the Bahamas.  


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